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Armored Door Loop - SD-30
Armored Door Loop 9.5mm Dia
Automatic door operator
Dead Bolt Lock
SOCA Dead Bolt Lock
In stock
Dead Bolt Lock (All Purpose Type)
Dead Bolt Lock - SL-165BDead Bolt Lock - SL-165B
Dead Bolt Lock For Glass Door Type - SL-167B
Electric Dead Bolt Action Lock ( Power to Lock )
Electric Dead Bolt Lock With Key Opener (Autolock)
Electromagnetic Lock  600 lbs
Electromagnetic Lock (For Automatic Doors)
EM Key Tag KF-29-6601
EM Magnetic Lock with Time Delay- SL-200T
EM Stand Alone Soca Reader - Mifare  ST-120MA(B)
EM Thin Card
SOCA EM Thin Card
In stock
Embeded EM Lock SL-200M
Glass Door Bracket - BR-100C
Infrared Touch less Sensor Button - SI-20
Infrared TouchlessInfrared Touchless
SOCA Infrared Touchless
In stock
Infrared Touchless button
Infrared Touchless Sensor Button - SI-80
Lock SL-135B
Soca Lock SL-135B
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Magnetic Shear Lock SL-500
Metal lock cover Use For Glass Door - UB-200

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