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RG6 F-Type Faceplate
250V  13A socket outlets (UK type)
250V 1Gang 15A Switched Socket with Indicator
Masterplug UK Type Adapter with 2 USB Ports
Dual Face Plate
Single Face Plate
Blank Faceplate 3" x 3"
VGA+AV+ HDMI to Faceplate
Satellite Socket
UK Plug with switch 13A
Waterproof 3 Pin Single Socket IP66Waterproof 3 Pin Single Socket IP66
Magnetic Starter QCX2-12 AC220V
Magnetic Starter QCX2-50 AC220V
PC Plug Socket Coupling AM-233 3 Poles 63A
250V 1Gang TV Socket
56 Series Single phase plug 10A 250V
PC Plug Socket Coupling 214 4Poles 16A
Industrial Plug 034 4P*63A AM-034-4P-63A
56 Series Single phase plug 15A 250V
Industrial Plug & Socket 024 4P*32A AM-024-4P-32A
Magnetic Starter QCX2-25 AC220V

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