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Telecom RJ45 Crimping Tool 4P/6P/8P (190mm)
3 1/2 Compact Digital
Fine Tip Curved Tweezer (120mm)
Super Fine Tip Straight Tweezer (120mm)
Six Pcs Star Screwdriver Set
Proskit Six Pcs Star Screwdriver Set
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Glue stick (short) 7mm
USB Powered Soldering Iron
Desoldering Pump
Quick Heat Ceramic Soldering Iron (220V)
Mini Lan Cable Tester
Helping Hand Octopus Clamp Kit
Soldering Tip Cleaner
Glue Stick 11mm
Soldering Wick Station
Proskit Soldering Wick Station
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80W Temperature Controller Soldering Iron
Mini Grinder (230V AC 50Hz)- PT-5201B
Soldering Iron (100W/230V)
OEM Soldering Iron (100W/230V)
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12 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Set W/Bits
Gas Soldering Iron Kit-Auto Ignition
Cable Sniffer Remote
Proskit Cable Sniffer Remote
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Heavy Duty Wire Strippers Crimpers 8.5
FTTH Fiber Drop Cable Stripper
2 Pcs Tweezer Set
Proskit 2 Pcs Tweezer Set
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UTP/STP Cable / Wire Stripper

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