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13 Pin DVI Male To Female Adapter
JWM 13 Pin DVI Male To Female Adapter
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Guard ID button 55mm*21mm*8mm
Guard Patrol - Checkpoint Buttons
Guard Patrol - Event Book
Guard Patrol System - Downloader
Guard Patrol System - Guard ID Tag
Guard Patrol WM-5000E2 Reader
JWM Guard Patrol WM-5000E2 Reader
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Guard Patrol WM-5000V4S Reader
Guard Patrol WM-5000V5 Reader
Guard Patrol WM-5000X1 Reader with biometric Fingerprint
Noctilucent checkpoint 76mm*56mm*10mm (Night Glow)
Round checkpoint Tag Ф30mm*4mm
Touch Guard Patrol System
USB 1.1 Female To Mini USB 4 Pin - Camera Data Cable

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