Watchtype Ultrasonic Electronic Mosquito (Model-MR-011)

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This Mosquito Repeller Watch transmits ultrasonic wave to drive away mosquitoes and make outdoor living and activities more enjoyable. Great for fishing, camping, hiking, jogging, golfing, or simply enjoying your patio or porch day or evening. This ultrasonic wave is harmless to human body and contains NO pollution, NO poison, NO chemical not even traps. Also has a red LED flashlight integrated into the unit.

How it works:

When switched to Mosquito Position, it imitates the sound of a male mosquito, you will hear nothing while on this silent mode. And when switches to Dragonfly Position, it imitates the dragonfly sound. In this, mode you will hear a very slight sound.


Electronic repeller with ultrasonic technology in a watch
Intelligent design, uses micro-computer IC technology
Two repel modes (dragonfly or mosquito), choose one of them according to the environment
Drives away mosquito effectively, safe for you, your family and the environment
No poisons, No traps, No dead pest cleanup, No chemicals, NO pollutants, NO smoke, No sprays, No odor
Environmentally safe, no any smell and no harm to human beings, pets and animals
Electronic repeller with Sonic Technology
Slide switch for power ON/OFF
Low power consumption, suitable for long operation
Push button design for low battery check and lighting torch
Flashlight function, LED light can be use in the night
Portable: Strap for neck placement and "Clip-on" attachment for belts, wrist strap and pockets
Best use in homes & apartments, garden & farm, country side, river side, forest & mountain
Ideal for activities like outing, field trip, mountaineering, fishing, etc.
With CE marking, meets EU safety, health and environmental requirements
Meets the ISO & UKAS International Product Quality Standards


Wrist Strap Length: 380mm
Power Supply: 1 x CR2032 lithium battery (included)
Size / Dimension: 55 x 35 x 10mm
Weight: approx. 16g

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