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Technical Detail

Model: SH-320D Host

Power supply voltage: AC220V / 50Hz
Current consumption: 227mA
Frequency response: 100 ~ 14.5KHz
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Sensitivity: -50dB
Recording output level: LINE output - 10dBV
Balanced output level: LINE output - 10dBV
Audio input level: LINE input - 10dBV
Size: Length: 482mm Width: 192mm Height: 45mm
Weight: 4 lbs


(Chairman unit) & (Representative Unit)

Connection: 8-core hand-held cable connection
Power supply voltage: DC18V
Current consumption: 32mA
Sensitivity: -50Db / Pa
Microphone sensitivity: -45dB ± 5dB
Frequency response: 100Hz ~ 10kHz
Length of the pole: 410mm
Handle connection Cable length: 2 meters
Size: Length: 173mm Width: 129mm Height: 52mm
Host have Three-way output, each-way max. with 16pcs table microphone unit. Total 48pcs table microphone unit. (include Chairman MIC and Delegate MIC, Table Microphone working not need Battery. )
Each microphone unit with 2m cable.  Host to first microphone with 10m cable.
Host with 1pcs to 48pcs all can working. (Only use 1 unit Chairman OR Delegate Unit also can working, max 48pcs.)

System Features:

 Double-goose neck design can be noted in the direction of need, easy to install quickly. The indicator light on the gooseneck microphone indicates the status of the microphone.

 Unique audio processing circuit to improve the clarity of the entire system.

 Hand-held cable connection, the microphone connection is simplified, the entire system installation on the required works and costs can be reduced.

 Expansion and change the configuration is easy, it is with 3 way Output, each channel way can connect 16 microphone. a host total can connect 48 conference microphone unit,

 Chairman unit can use the priority button (Priority) to control the speaking order, control the atmosphere of the meeting.

 with recording output connection recorder, all the recordings can be completely sound preservation, but also external sound amplification equipment.

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