Repair Business Tool Kit

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Pro'sKit SD-9828 Screwdriver with 55 bits
Pro'sKit SI-130B-20 Soldering Iron with Ceramic Heater 220 V
Pro'sKit 9SN-310G Lead-Free Solder (Sn 99.3, Cu 0.7)
Pro'sKit 8PK-031B Braid tape, solder absorber Ø 2.0 mm
Pro'sKit DP-366J Desoldering Pump
Pro'sKit PM-906B Long Plier
Pro'sKit PM-905B Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Pro'sKit 8PK-3001D Cable Stripping Pliers
Pro'sKit 1PK-T406 Scissor Tweezers 150 mm
Pro'sKit 9PK-9110A Lifting paddle: 30.5 × 30.5 × 30.5 mm
Pro'sKit 9PK-9110B 84.4 mm Polyoxymethylene Lever
Pro'sKit 9PK-9110C 88.7mm Polyoxymethylene Lever
Pro'sKit 9H084 Auxiliary needle tool 155 mm
Pro'sKit 9H085 140mm Spacer Auxiliary Tool
Pro'sKit 9H086 173mm Auxiliary Tool
Pro'sKit 9MS-9326 Double Sided Metal Spider
Pro'sKit 9MS-9327 Metal Spider
Pro'sKit MS-161 Suction Cup for raising the display, touchscreen
Pro'sKit 9K003A-1 File flat
Pro'sKit 9K003B-1 File round
Pro'sKit 9S002C Soldering Aid Tool
Pro'sKit 8PK-394B Scalpel
Pro'sKit 1PK-102T Tweezers with a narrow working part (120 mm)
Pro'sKit 1PK-104T Curved Spout Tweezers
Pro'sKit 1PK-125T Straight Tweezers with pointed working part
Pro'sKit AS-501A Cleaning Brush
Pro'sKit MS-153A Blower
Pro'sKit 8PK-C002 Fiber Cleaning Kit
Pro'sKit 9SB-1007G Cassette for components
Pro'sKit 9ST-4029 Tool Bag
Length mm 420
Height mm 125
Width mm 305
Weight, kg 2.6460

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