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Remock Lockey is the exclusive Invisible Security lock which can be installed on any door quickly and easily, and controlled by remote control.

This solution comes from a long observed problem: the conventional lock has not evolved significantly and this has increased their vulnerability, because nowadays, anyone with appropriate means can open it without forcing by some method such as bumping, slip, print , etc.

This leads many problems of insecurity and helplessness to any citizen in their home, office, store, etc.

Remock Lockey is a surprise factor for thieves who have forced the conventional lock because they find an unexpected barrier.

Protect your family in an easy and effective way. Features

a) Door Lock

 • Easy installation on all kind of door: wood, glass, metal, etc.

• Indoor use only.

 •Inside unblocking system for emergencies.

 • Solid and durable design.

b) Remote Control

• Easy operation through clear division of opening / closing.

• Audible alarm to verify each opening / closing

 • Remock Lockey can be used by registering 16 different remote controls.

 • Each remote control can open/close 8 different security door locks.

• Anticopy encryption system with rolling code.

  c) Alarm to change the batteries

• When remaining battery level drops low, LED lights up to inform that change is needed.

 • When the battery level drops certain level, close operation stops to maximize device stability.

Protect your home and your business with a invisible lock!!!

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