Hideez Key: Bluetooth Password Manager & Vault, Universal Security Key & RFID Token

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WIRELESS PASSWORD MANAGER. Save your credentials securely and keep them physically separate from your Internet-connected devices, not on the cloud, your PC/phone or any proprietary servers. Just click to input passwords into popular websites and mobile applications.
AUTOMATIC PC LOCK/UNLOCK. Automatically proximity lock/unlock your PC and Mac based on the distance as measured by the strength of the Bluetooth signal from your Hideez Key. Simple & effective way to protect your information - just grab Hideez Key and walk away.
ONE-TIME PASSWORD GENERATOR Generate one-time passwords (OTP) for two-factor authentication (2FA) for online services.
SMARTPHONE THEFT ALARM. Get notified when your smartphone moves away from Hideez Key. Your smartphone and/or the Hideez Key’s alarm will go off when the Bluetooth signal strength falls below a certain level.
ELECTRONIC DOOR OPENER. Hideez Key has a built-in programmable RFID sensor to open compatible door systems. Copy an existing electronic key to the Hideez Key (requires an additional RFID programming device) to free up space in your pocket. Note: Hideez Key can store only one RFID at a time. Standard 125 kHz Em-Marine.
BACKUP & REMOTELY BLOCKED. Backup via another Hideez Key or encrypted file that can be kept in a secure place. For security reasons, Hideez Key data is not backed up to the cloud. Remotely block your Hideez Key if the device is stolen.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bluetooth 4. 0 compatible device (PC/phone); Windows 8. 1 or Mac OS X El Capitan (v 10. 11) or Android 4. 4 or iOS 9. 3.

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