1.2V NiMH Rechargeable AA2800mAh (4pcs/card)

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MODEL : NiMH AA2800-4B


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Powerful Nickel – Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery
The PKCELL AA batteries have a great performance potential of 2800 mAh. So that you can hang them in any
Electric, and beacuse of that these tools come with AA batteries is used.
Multiple rechargeable battery
The batteries can be recharged up to 1200 times. So protect the batteries don't just keep the wallet,
But also the environment. As no longer need a continuous Neukauf with the disposable batteries.
Extremely low self-discharge
Thanks to modern technology have fully charged battery after 6 months even 85% charge.
Even after 12 months, you still have 80%. This means the batteries can longer
Before Storage to be placed without losing in performance.
Includes a storage box
When you need it for a moment the high performance battery, you can hang them in the Ruhr base Battery Box
So confident of its storage and and stored so as to save space.
Areas of application
The AA batteries can be used, for example, in the following areas: lighting/CO detectors/Electronic Tool/
Electronic cigarette (Evaporator)/Remote Control/RC Robot Helicopter Airplane Car RC/Digital Camera/Radio/
Game Controller/Gas Detector/household/Camera/Mouse/MP3 player/personal scales/Radio/Smoke Detector/Maglite torch/
Keyboard/toys/Wireless phones Gigaset etc & Bell/vibrator and many more
Technical details:
Battery Size: AA
- Battery capacity: 2800 mAh
- Cell Voltage: 1.2 V
- Ready to use immediately
- Weight: 117g
- Up to 1200 Aufladezyklen
Package included: 1 x 4 Ni-MH Mignon AA rechargeable battery 2800 mAh/1.2 V batteries, 1x Battery box

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