ADATA XPG True 3D Surround Sound In-Ear Headset



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Enriching game audio with patented design, EMIX I30 delivers double the bass power of similar headsets together with a rich and detailed sound field. Its large 13.5mm drivers eliminate distortion and boost clarity, adding depth to all audio sources. EMIX I30 earbuds are designed to fit snugly in every ear, keeping noise distraction out and sound enjoyment in. EMIX I30 works great with any device that has a 3.5mm audio connector for universal enjoyment.

Patented design drives 5.2 channel surround sound

An inner vacuum tube allows EMIX I30 to transfer sound in a way that creates a convincing spatial effect. The elastic materials that line this tube move inwards and outwards based on frequency, allowing for a wider range than that offered by standard, non-reactive earphone designs. Each earphone has a micro-subwoofer embedded for bass boost, and together these designs create an impressive surround effect.

Faithful reproduction with big 13.5mm drivers

While most earphones use drivers smaller than 10mm in diameter, EMIX I30 employs oversized 13.5mm units made of durable yet reactive monomer materials. These drivers provide a measurable bass power increase, and since they can handle deeper lows and sharper highs, they also reduce distortion. From games to movies and music, all audio sounds richer and more authentic, without the compromised quality so often associated with headsets.

Multi-platform: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile

Thanks to a universal 3.5mm connector, EMIX I30 works instantly with all your devices. From PC to consoles and mobile devices, just plug and enjoy without the need to change headsets.

*Adapter needed for use with Xbox One controllers that do not have a 3.5mm connector

Ergonomic earbud design and construction

The large earphones used by EMIX I30 were carefully designed and tested to guarantee comfort, good sound isolation, and minimal ear fatigue. They fit firmly but comfortably in virtually every ear so that audio is clear while external sounds are kept out. EMIX I30 is made of safe and comfortable materials, meaning no ear fatigue, pain, pressure, or discomfort even during long sessions.

In-line control and mic put you in touch with your squad

EMIX I30 in-line controls and high fidelity mic prove extremely useful whether gaming, taking phone calls, or listening to music. From communicating with team members in games to answering calls and skipping tracks, everything's accessible with in-line controls.

Complete package for versatile gamers

We make EMIX I30 for gamers on the go who want to experience action on multiple platforms. So you get a premium leatherette carrying case with replacement earbuds in two sizes, plus a Y-splitter for connecting to PCs. It's everything you need to take action on the road.


Speaker dimensions
Impedance 32Ω±15%
Sensitivity 107dB ±3db
Frequency response 5Hz-20,000Hz
Rated power 3mW
Power capability 5mW max
Cable length 1.4m stranded (Y type)
Plug type 3.5mm
Weight 17.5g
Accessory Premium carrying case, Earplug ( S(Ø 11) / M(Ø12) / L(Ø13) ), Airplane adaptor, 2-in-1 adaptor ( For PC connection )

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